Which Type of Dual Fuel Generator is Best?

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Which Type of Dual Fuel Generator is Best?

A dual fuel generator makes use of two different kinds of fuel (usually diesel and propane), at the same time. These fuels are generally mixed in a variety of proportions, depending upon the need, and then used separately or combined, depending upon the engine. In most instances, a dual fuel generator would need to begin running on propane alone, because it has a significantly lower ignition temperature than diesel. However, if you do run a dual fuel generator on diesel, there are ways to “over fuel” your generator, resulting in greater power output and reduced emissions.

With that said, let’s talk about some of the different kinds of dual fuel generators out there. Of course, this is by no means an exhaustive list, but it should offer a good place to start. Here are a few of the more popular options. One popular choice is a liquid propane gas system. While these systems tend to look more industrial, they also take up less space and are far more affordable than their air-compression counterparts. They also come with separate tanks for each fuel type, which makes them far easier to transport to remote locations.

Another option is a single fuel generator, which is basically just a smaller version of the dual fuel generators we discussed earlier. These systems use one tank of propane and can provide higher power output than their air-compressed counterparts. As such, they are commonly seen in RV’s, particularly trucks, campers, motor homes and any other recreational vehicles. In general single fuel generators tend to be cheaper to operate than the dual fuel generators, which are usually the more expensive units.

A more compact option is a “green” dual fuel generator. These use natural gas or propane instead of electricity to power the generator. They are generally seen in homes and are not as common as the bigger models. These use the gas or propane in conjunction with electricity to create the power that you need, rather than forcing the two to compete with each other. They are, however, vastly more affordable than their electrical cousins, so many people choose to use these.

An even smaller unit that is starting to become more popular is the portable version. These generally run off of a small 12v battery that supplies power output when the unit is plugged into a wall outlet. As a result, these are perfect for camping trips where there will be no permanent power sources. For instance, if you are on a trip to the west coast, and want to use natural gas as your power source, but you don’t have a dedicated fuel tank or permanent power output port at your home, then a portable model could be the perfect thing for you.

Of course, the only real disadvantage to a this type of generator is that they don’t burn cleaner than a standard diesel generator. Diesel has a bit of a pollution footprint compared to natural gas, and it also takes a little longer to start up. However, it burns cleaner during operation and produces less pollution during combustion. The extra time that natural gas burns cleaner allows it to provide a constant level of power.

Of course, in some cases one type of dual fuel generator may just be better than another. In these situations, one would have to weigh the benefits of using a natural gas powered unit, along with the benefits of using a portable model that uses gasoline. One would also have to compare the costs of the two options, which would obviously be different based on natural gas versus gasoline. Most of these units would cost between seventy-five to a hundred dollars, with a high quality dual fuel generator selling for in excess of one thousand dollars.

In summary, dual fuel generators are certainly something that you should take into consideration. Depending on where you live, you may have access to natural gas, but might have access to propane as well. It is certainly worth shopping around for both types of generators, to find out which one will be the best option for you. You should take the time to compare prices and read reviews of the product to ensure that you get the best quality unit that you can. With a little bit of research, you should be able to find a great product at an affordable price that will take care of all of your needs.