What Are the Benefits of Portable Generators?

Portable generators and home standby generators are probably the two most utilized forms of back-up electrical power solutions homeowners take advantage of. Both maintain continuous electricity flowing into a house during a power failure, but in different ways. A portable generator would be an immediate but temporary fix, powered by gasoline, whereas a home standby system is a more permanent, but less immediate, solution powered by propane or natural gas.

portable generator

The main difference between the two types of generators is in the wattage output. A portable generator, like most appliances and tools, runs on wattage, a unit of energy equal to the voltage or resistance it’s exposed to. This means that all portable generators, including stand-by ones, are limited to a maximum wattage output of only 100 watts.

Most people think of this when they hear the term “peak power.” This is the maximum wattage rating of all appliances within a room, including computers and television sets. For the most part, appliances are capable of operating at maximum output wattage for a period of time, usually after ten minutes or so, after which their wattage begins to drop. Power peaks are most experienced when operating any device that has a higher power output than the average appliance.

A home standby system, on the other hand, is designed to be most effective when supplying energy to specific appliances. Rather than a steady stream of power, these devices are designed to supply sustained high wattage output for an extended period of time. When the steady stream of power stops, the standby unit automatically shuts down, and whatever electrical load was supplied to that appliance prior to the shut down is immediately replaced by its own wattage rating. These units are generally more expensive than portable generators, but are the best suited for providing energy over a long period of time.

The situation that a portable generator will be the most effective in is when it is able to effectively and consistently supply power to all of an individual’s appliances. In situations such as these, the power outage typically last no more than thirty minutes. While there are a number of things that can cause a power outage (including a tree falling on top of your house, a large animal running into your garage, or a flood in your home), many appliances can be powered by a portable generator. Items such as computers and televisions, as well as most refrigerators and stoves, can easily be powered by a generator when a power outage occurs. As such, a portable generator may prove to be the most effective in an emergency situation where an adequate amount of electricity is not available for use by various appliances.

Another benefit of portable generators is the ease in which they provide power to an individual’s home or location. A power outage of any length of time can easily shut down a number of different appliances, including televisions, personal computer equipment, and other items that people rely on every day. When using portable generators, individuals do not have to deal with the potential dangers of not having electricity in an emergency situation. Since portable generators have the ability to provide continuous power, they can quickly help to restore the function of many of these items, without requiring them to be turned off. This makes it easier for individuals to safely operate their home during a severe power outage.

In addition to the ability to provide power to several different items at one time, portable power generators also provide the ability to turn on the compressor and condenser, so that the homeowner does not need to manually switch the item on and off. There are a number of different types of portable generator available for sale on the market today. Individuals should be sure to take some time to research the options that they have available in order to ensure that they purchase the right product for their needs. Since portable power generators are typically more expensive than portable generators that provide regular electrical power, it may be more beneficial to purchase a portable generator that is capable of providing a higher power output.

When an emergency power outage occurs, portable generators can be the most helpful to have available. Many people depend on portable generators to help them keep their home and business functioning properly during a period of time when the power has been interrupted. For this reason, it is important to research the various models and brands that are available in order to find the portable generator that is best suited to your needs. Once you have purchased the portable generator you want, it is important to make sure that you understand all of the maintenance requirements that are necessary in order to properly care for the item. Most portable generators can last for several years if they are properly maintained, which makes them an affordable investment for homeowners looking to protect their homes.