What Are Dual Fuel Generators?

Dual fuel generators utilize two different kinds of fuel (usually diesel and natural gas), at the same time, which can save you some money. These can run just as well as a gasoline generator, but they do it for significantly less money. In many cases, a dual-fuel generator would have to run on diesel alone, because it has such a low maximum ignition temperature. It is important that you change out the fuel filters at least once a month to keep your unit running properly, though. This will help maintain the proper working order and avoid any costly issues.

dual fuel generator

Since this unit runs off one type of fuel, you can either buy a unit that only runs on gasoline, or one that runs off both. The newer ones are quite efficient and should have no trouble starting up on a cold day and running all day long. The older ones may need to have a plug-in starter or may have more parts that you need to service and keep it running correctly. Both of these options are definitely available, but if you have the ability to run both of them, you will save yourself quite a bit of money.

When considering a dual fuel generator, you should keep in mind how much power you will be using it for. If you want something with enough power to heat your entire home, then you need to go with a natural gas generator. These are best suited to heating buildings or to light an outdoor area like a deck or patio. If you only need a small amount of electricity, then you can use a diesel generator.

There are also two different types of bi-fuel generators. The first is the propane one. This one is fueled through the use of natural gases like propane. These are a great choice if you want to heat a large area or are running a campfire. You can even find many of these to run on wood if you are interested in renewable energy.

The other type of bi-fuel generator is gasoline dual fuel generators. If you work outside or in a small area, you will probably find that this would be the better option for you. These work sites include things like woodworking shops, welding or other contracting sites where a gas flame is not going to be an option.

Dual fuel generators can also be powered by electricity. Some of these are called inverters and they can be found in a number of places around the world. When power is required from alternate sources, they can handle the job quite well. This means that the fuel source can become an alternative to battery use for emergency power.

In order to take full advantage of dual fuel generators and use the best they can, you should consider purchasing them from a company that offers a complete system. These systems include everything needed to properly maintain and run the unit. This includes filters, motors, pipes and other components. It also gives you the opportunity to combine all of your different types of fuels into one convenient unit. This will allow you to have a power output that is consistent no matter what you use. You will always get the output you need at the correct voltage and current level.

You can find many companies that are able to offer these units. Many people prefer to purchase the parts and components separately to customize their own dual-fuel generators. This allows them to build on the technology and make changes as they see fit. Whatever your needs, it is important to consider making sure that you have the best gas available to use for your project. You can find a good dealer that sells both gas and diesel exhaust systems and generator sets in your area by checking with consumer advocate groups, family owned business organizations and other business owners.