Save Money, Time and Electricity With a Propane Generator

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Save Money, Time and Electricity With a Propane Generator

When it comes to propane generators, there are so many different makes and models out there. They can be portable or permanent in nature. The one that you end up buying will be based on the needs of your particular use. While it might not be a bad idea to have more than one, that might be overkill considering most people only use a propane generator at home for occasional use. In that case, there are several other factors and tips to keep in mind when shopping around.

First of all, you should never run your propane generator without a storage tank. Just like with any electrical item, storing excess electricity and gas will eventually lead to explosions. A gas-powered generator is worthless if it’s out of gas too soon. Propane generators also are very reliable and convenient since all you really need is a nearby structure for easy access and off-site storage. Off-site storage is a good idea because in some rural areas, natural gas can be difficult to find.

Another important tip when it comes to propane generators is to be sure you buy one that is specifically designed for emergency use. If you’re only using it for light or heat, then there’s no reason to spend the extra money on a generator designed for heavy duty use. Buy a generator that is both efficient and durable. You don’t want to find yourself in an emergency situation only to have to throw out a less efficient generator due to a lack of space.

Storage tanks for your propane generator will need to be near where you plan to store it. If you intend to bring your generator with you when you go on vacation, make sure it is in a safe, dry location. Store it in a secure garage or shed where it will remain out of the weather. If you do not plan to use your propane generator while you are away, be sure to empty the fuel tank completely before bringing it with you. If there is any water in the tank, run it until it is empty or completely dry before using it again.

Unlike diesel, natural gas, and kerosene, propane generators do not pose a safety risk from leaks. In fact, it is actually better for your health to use an oil-free fuel source over gasoline or kerosene. Propane gasses contain small amounts of mercury that can be harmful to your health over a long period of time. Diesel, natural gas, and kerosene are also volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can pollute the air and home at any time, especially if they are exposed to open flame.

While there are several brands and models of propane generator on the market, it is best to purchase a unit that is certified by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). This type of generator has been tested and meets standard specifications which ensure its ability to function safely. In case of power outage, a backup power source will be automatically triggered with the help of the NFPA’s power outage protocol. The backup power source is usually battery powered and will work even when there is no electricity.

When purchasing your propane generator, be sure that it comes with a comprehensive warranty. While most units come with 5 years general warranty, it is still advisable to double check this. Moreover, the longer the warranty the better because this means that there are no unexpected repairs or break downs during the warranty period. Some manufacturers also offer extended warranties which can cover unexpected breakdowns for a period of ten years or more. If you want to get the cheapest unit, then you can go in for used or slightly used propane generators. Even though these may have a shorter shelf life, there is no harm in buying them since you will still get the same performance for a substantially lower price.

As you all know, preparing yourself against emergencies like fires, earthquakes and tornadoes is a must. But before you run out and buy yourself a portable propane generator, do your homework first. Determine how much fuel you would need for your emergency purposes and make sure that you buy a reliable brand. If you are living in an area that is frequently prone to emergency situations, then it would be better if you opt for a gas powered device. This way, you will not only be prepared for any disaster but also help in reducing the negative impact of natural disasters on the affected areas.