Power Generator Accessories That Offer Convenience and Protection

power generator accessories

Power Generator Accessories That Offer Convenience and Protection

One of the most important power generator accessories available on the market is an appropriate electric power outlet cord. This convenient accessory helps to provide extra power to your generator and enables you to use it longer. Unfortunately, most portable generators often receive a standard, short-term cord. These are intended for normal every day use, and although they might look handy, using them on a regular basis can actually damage the appliance. Power outlets that are designed for use in mobile devices, such as laptops, handheld computers and even hand-held video game consoles are much stronger and more durable than those designed for home use, which can be found in most retail stores.

There are many power generator accessories that can be purchased online or from a local hardware or home improvement store. One of the most basic, yet important accessories that you will need to purchase or rent, is the extension cord. These often come in the form of a right-angle, round cord with an outlet at the end. This is useful for most portable generators, especially when you have multiple units that require a permanent power outlet.

You should also consider purchasing or renting fuel stabilizers for your portable generators often. These are often needed to keep engines running smoothly, and it can be very frustrating to find that the fuel stabilizer is not available when you need it. Fuel stabilizers help to prevent fluctuations in fuel temperatures that can damage your engine. They also reduce the amount of noise that is created by engines while they are running, because the flow of the liquid is reduced. Some fuel stabilizers are water-based, while others are gel based.

Generators can also be outfitted with wheel kits. Wheel kits come in various sizes and styles and can be used to increase the efficiency of your generator. Many times, generators are used as back-up power sources when regular sources are unavailable. If you have a generator that is frequently powered by electricity, it is important that you have wheel kits that will assist you in turning it on and off, even if you only have power at your fingertips.

If you own more advanced generators, you may be interested in purchasing or renting some accessories to use with your power generator. You can often find generators that are larger, such as gas generators or diesel generators, and they may have additional accessories such as a cold-weather kit or extension cord included with purchase. Some gas generators are better equipped to handle extreme weather conditions because of added fuel stabilizers and exhaust systems.

A good example of a great accessory that you can add to your generator is a cold-weather kit. These kits are often made to fit onto the front of gas or diesel generators, and they are designed to provide extra support and warmth to your engine while providing cooling through the addition of a evaporator coil. A cold-weather kit is especially useful during the winter months, when your generator may not be working as hard to warm up your home.

Another accessory that you may want to purchase for your power generator is a transfer switch. This handy device allows you to transfer power from one appliance to another without shutting down the generator first. Transfer switches are usually found as part of an outdoor power equipment bundle and are quite affordable for all consumers. A transfer switch allows you to turn off lights in a room, switch televisions from a DVD player to a cable box, or plug in and operate several different electrical appliances at once.

Some people choose to rent a backup power source when they run out of electricity during cold weather. A popular solution is a gas-powered backup system. You can find fuel stabilizers, gas pipes, and fuel transfer switches that will allow you to select the best power source, even if you own a gas generator. The fuel stabilizer will prevent fluctuations in fuel levels that could drain your bank account or leave you without heat or hot water. Fuel transfer switches and generators allow you to get continuous power even when your gas supply is low.