Maintenance Cost Of Solar Generators

A solar generator is basically a small stand alone solar energy system with a PV array attached to a sealed battery bank of suitable size and an inverter fitted to the power line supplying the electricity to it. The power generated by the solar generator will be stored in the solar batteries which will be recharged when sunlight is available for use. The cost of electricity generated using solar energy can be significant, but in the long run the savings will make up for this. So how can you build a solar generator?

solar generator

Initially you may need to purchase a pre-made solar generator that is capable of delivering enough watts to charge the batteries that are required to store the excess power. It may be required to build more than one battery bank to cater for more than one household. For example if you have a pool then your requirements for power may include electricity for pool pumps, heater and lighting.

The battery bank needs to be adequate in size as well as the capacity required. A rule of thumb to follow is the battery should have capacity to maintain output power requirements for a minimum of twelve hours. As output power requirements reduce so does the battery’s capability to sustain continuous operation for a longer period. An inbuilt circuit breaker is usually fitted in the house itself so that there is no requirement to open up the breaker box for the charging and discharging of the batteries. In the best way to find out what battery is best suited for your solar generator application is to consult a qualified electrician who is experienced with the requisite installations.

Another important component is the standby system. This is the best way to store the electricity generated for times when there is no solar power available. In other words it is intended to supply power for three days of the total solar power outage. The standby system is normally a battery system that takes charge of electrical appliances during blackouts or power cuts.

A final and crucial component is the inverter. This is the device that changes the DC current produced by the solar generator into AC current needed for running various electrical appliances. The inverter is usually an off-the-shelf unit but in some applications a custom-made inverter may be required. It is important to purchase the right inverter so that it performs all functions properly. For example, an inverter that has both a switching and load control will allow you to manually control the amount of power flowing into the batteries and the appliances it will be powering. Certain brands are better than others; it is recommended that you do a bit of research online and check out the inverters available from leading manufacturers such as Fleck, Opco, Sunbeam etc.

Connecting the Batteries to the Solar Generator: Once you have your solar generator all set up, you need to connect the batteries to it. Normally the wiring between the batteries and the solar generator is done with a copper wire of female connection. In some installations, wires of male connection may be used. The purpose of these wires is to reduce any potential damage due to interference from alternating current (AC). The wire should be connected between the positive and negative terminals on the battery.

Maintaining and Protecting Your Free Energy Powered Garden Furniture: You can lower your power needs by reducing your usage and also extend the life of your free energy generator. As a rule, it is necessary to maintain your solar generator for its optimal performance. One important point to note here is that even though your free energy generator is clean, it requires constant attention to ensure that it does not generate more power than it is capable of providing. There are certain maintenance requirements for your solar generator and they are outlined below:

Maintenance Costs: The above points are just some of the most basic ones related to the maintenance of a free energy generator. They should not be seen as a restriction for you to enjoy the benefits of solar generators. It is very important that you take up the responsibility of maintaining your free energy generator according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In case of minor problems, you can try to dismantle the generator and then repair the parts. However, in case of major problems, you need to consult your manufacturer. You can also take the help of an expert technician to fix the problem.