Inverter Generator: What Is An Inverter Generator?

When the new, more energy-efficient newer models of portable generators finally start showing up on store shelves and online, you might want to think about an inverter generator as part of your overall research into purchasing a portable electric generator. As such inverter generators certainly are a bit more pricey than other, more basic portable models, but many of them have several distinct benefits. To start, these new generators now come with some very nice new safety features that will greatly enhance their functionality as well as their safety. One of the most helpful of these safety features is the CO2 safety shutoff. This is a real benefit, especially when you consider how much carbon dioxide a portable generator can put out over a few hours!

inverter generator

Many people who purchase portable generators often run into problems associated with using an air conditioner or a conventional heater in conjunction with the portable generators. Air conditioning systems will often inadvertently turn on because of temperature changes, and this in turn can cause quite a bit of damage to electronics and appliances that are near the unit. Some of the damage that can result includes short circuits, meltdowns, and more.

While this is a problem that can occur with any portable generator, it can be particularly problematic for those who use an air conditioner or a heat pump to keep their space comfortable during the day. With an inverter generator, not only do you not run into these problems, you actually often times will not even notice that there is a generator running all along with your portable appliance. You will never know that there is a unit inside until you go to switch it on or off! This is obviously a huge convenience for those who enjoy spending their time outdoors. Many people also enjoy the fact that with these generators, they do not need to worry about being bothered by their portable appliances as long as they remain plugged in.

One of the best features of inverter Generators is their incredible fuel efficiency. This can easily translate into significant savings on the cost of operating and maintaining your power system. In fact, many utility companies offer discounts to customers who use energy efficient appliances and inverter Generators. As a result, many power users have taken advantage of these types of offers.

The next best feature of this type of inverter generators is their incredible power output. Not only do they have incredible power output, but they also typically have a very high maximum wattage rating as well. Typically you can expect that these types of units will be able to effectively and efficiently supply all of the power needs of your home or business, without leaving you with any or little extra power to give to the power company. In fact, many homes and businesses rely almost completely upon these types of power inverters in order to operate smoothly.

In order to illustrate just how much energy these units can save you each year, let’s take a look at the typical electric bill for a family of four. For our purposes, we’ll assume that you are using gas to power your entire home, as this is the most common scenario. Now, depending upon your usage of gas and the size of your gas line, you could easily spend several hundred dollars per year in addition to your power bill. With the replacement cost of conventional portable generators, your bill would be approximately three thousand dollars per year.

With the replacement cost of a single unit of a single circuit unit you could easily remove over a thousand dollars from your power bill each year. While this may not seem like a lot of money to many people, it certainly adds up over time. The most cost effective solution would be to replace all your electrical appliances with high-efficiency models, which will typically cost much less than the average size model. By replacing all your appliances and using an inverter generator as well as other devices that produce electrical energy, you can significantly lower your monthly electrical bills while increasing the overall value of your home.

The majority of portable generators produce wattage output at 3600 rpm. If you want something quieter, you should be looking for a unit with more energy efficient motor. There are many quiet generators on the market but there are just as many that are overrated and not very efficient. A quiet portable generator will typically cost more money up front but pay for itself in no time. Once installed, the unit should continue to produce electricity at a constant 3600 rpm and reduce your noise output significantly.