Dual Fuel Generator – What You Should Know About These Types of Generators

A dual fuel generator, by the term dual fuel, uses two types of fuel, typically gasoline and propane, in order to prolong the operating time of the machine. Switching between the two fuels is usually automatic depending upon the fuel selection that day and usually, switching between the two will not be necessary. The two fuels are combined in an internal combustion engine and pushed to the front of the engine where they combine with air to generate a larger amount of heat. This then causes a reaction, which pushes the generator up, and generates electricity for the engine to run at.

dual fuel generator

There are advantages and disadvantages to using a dual-fuel generator. For starters, there is the lessening of emission because one fuel is being used for the generation of electricity rather than two. However, there is also the danger of explosion because of the fact that there is only one fuel/ oxidizer. In addition, when it comes to a fire, the chances of having it start automatically is very high. And lastly, when it comes to the price, the cost of buying gasoline is much higher than the cost of using propane as your source of power.

With the advent of more environmentally conscious consumers, many companies have recognized this need to produce a dual-fuel generator that runs using alternative sources such as natural gas. Because natural gas is a cleaner burning fuel, this has become an increasingly popular choice among consumers. Propane however, is still seen as more reliable in terms of reliability, and this can be especially true when it comes to the remote possibility of a power outage.

For those that are interested in saving money when it comes to using natural gas, the best way to go is to look at both a natural gas generator, and a diesel generator. The natural gas generator is the preferred choice because it is more affordable than the other option. The only downside to the natural gas generator is that it takes much longer for the finished product to reach the end user. On the other hand, the use of diesel will allow consumers to save up to 80 percent on their monthly bills. Another plus side to natural gas generators is that they are also quieter and produce less pollution.

Those that are interested in the dual fuel generator that runs on propane but are concerned about the cost of buying and using these fuels should be concerned about utilizing liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). This can be purchased online or in any number of stores throughout the country. These generators produce continuous, uninterrupted power supply and are perfect for any homeowner that wants an endless source of power. The only issue that some consumers may encounter is that the LPG can be extremely expensive to refill. Also, it can take a while for LPG to break down completely and get ready to be used again after it has been pumped into the tank. Because of these two setbacks, many homeowners choose to use generators that run on natural gas and diesel instead.

Dual fuel generators that run on propane are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners that are trying to cut down on their energy costs. Propane can be purchased relatively inexpensively at most hardware and grocery stores and it is not uncommon to find gas stations that offer it at a discount. Many homeowners are also finding that keeping one tank of propane and one of natural gas makes it easier to use since it is less expensive to run than gas. Gas prices have recently started to increase so this type of energy source is still a more affordable choice for those interested in doing something good for the environment.

However, even with a steady supply of gasoline, there are certain circumstances where using the natural gas or propane powered dual fuel generator is still better than the alternative. One of the biggest advantages is that propane does not cause air pollution; however, it is also the main cause of indoor air pollution since it runs through ventilation systems and causes carbon monoxide to be released into the atmosphere. Although this is a good thing if you are concerned about the environment, there are many homeowners that prefer to use the gas solution. Another benefit of using the natural gas solution is that it is far more stable and lasts longer than the gasoline alternative. This means that if your home experiences any kind of damage, such as a storm, you can count on it lasting for quite some time without it needing to be refueled.

Although the cost of using the natural gas or propane dual fuel generators is more expensive than the alternative, they can actually help you save money. The fact that it takes less energy to run them means that you will have money left over each month to spend on other things, making it an environmentally friendly solution to running your home. Just keep in mind that both of these types of generators take gasoline, which means that you will need to have gas in place where you will be using the system.