Choosing an Inverter Generator For Your Home

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Choosing an Inverter Generator For Your Home

If you’re looking into purchasing a portable electric generator, you might want to think about an inverter generator as your next purchase. As such, there are a few reasons why an inverter generator might be a good idea for your next investment. As this type, inverter generators aren’t cheap, but they do have a few unique benefits to offer that more traditional portable models don’t. If you’re interested in whether or not an inverter generator is right for you, then the following will help you make up your mind. With this information, you’ll be able to find the perfect portable generator for your needs!

The biggest benefit of an inverter generator is that it is cleaner than standard generators. Many standard generators run on gasoline or propane, which can be harmful to the environment. They also release toxic gasses into the atmosphere. Inverters are powered by alternate sources, so they run on much less fuel than other standard generators do. You’ll save money on gas bills and reduce gasses while protecting the environment. This makes them a top choice for environmentally conscious consumers.

If you’re interested in saving even more money on utilities, inverter generators can help. Most of these devices run on a single 12-volt AC power source, so you won’t have to worry about selling power to the electric company. However, some of the smaller units will need to be plugged into a separate power outlet. Regardless, the savings are significant. As a result, most households find that they pay less for their electric and natural gas utility bills as a result.

Another benefit of inverter Generators is that they produce very little noise. The noise output from most of the conventional portable generators is considerable. Noise from a noisy inverter generator can prevent you from sleeping well at night and can keep neighbors awake. These devices are specifically designed to be quiet, so you don’t have to worry about being bothered by the neighbor next door when you’re trying to relax.

The best inverter generator models will produce the lowest noise output possible. Two good examples of this are the Infinity Warmer and the Forex Warsimmer. An Infinity Warmer inverter generator produces more than eighty decibels of sound, making it the quietest portable generator on the market. The Forex Warsimmer runs on a liquid propane fuel, which provides even quieter operation.

In general, the more current you draw, the louder your inverter device will be. If you don’t have much room to cover with wire, then you will probably want a smaller device. Portable inverter generators will run just fine on a single twelve-volt AC power source, but if you need more than that, you will need a series of smaller units connected together in what is known as “surge-back” configurations. This increases the inverter’s overall output, but also increases the possibility of damaging your equipment should you attempt to use the surge protection feature.

Most portable inverters that come with a gas engine tend to be rather noisy. You can avoid this by purchasing inverter units with a diesel engine. Diesel powered inverters are generally less noisy, although you do sacrifice maneuverability. Many utility companies offer diesel-powered generators, and they are often quite affordable.

Gasoline and propane powered generators are a bit quieter than diesel, but not by much. They are a little bit more expensive to buy, and may be limited to being used for remote locations. However, they are very convenient for homeowners that need to use a backup generator during power outages. Although they do require a little more maintenance and fuel, they are a good choice for homeowners that are looking for either gas or propane generators that are quieter, have greater capacity, and greater usability while still being affordable.