Benefits of the Electric Generator

electric generator

Benefits of the Electric Generator

An electric generator is a machine that is used to generate electric power, which is then stored either in batteries or can directly be supplied to the individual’s homes, offices, shops, etc. When the rotor rotates, it cuts off the magnetic field that lies just above both poles of an iron or steel pole. The electrical current that results will be used either for illumination in dark areas or for other purposes. In either case, the electricity generated is very reliable and much more powerful than what you would get from your household power supply.

The basic working of an electric generator is in fact very similar to that of the hydroelectric power plant. In fact, you will find many similarities between this type of machine and the hydroelectric power plant as well. However, there are also some fundamental differences, which should not be ignored at all costs. Hence, you should know about these differences before proceeding any further.

The first and the most important difference that must be mentioned down is the fact that there are no batteries involved here. Rather, the electric generator uses the DC, or direct current, power lines to convert mechanical energy into electricity. To begin with, the dynamo performs the actual work of converting mechanical energy into electricity. The dynamo is connected to the electric generator. Hence, when the dynamo is turned on, the electric generator also gets turned on. The dynamo performs the task of turning the DC power lines into an electrical current.

The second thing that you should know is that in case of hydroelectric power plants, too, there are two main components – the dynamo and the turbine prime mover. The dynamo is the component that actually transforms the mechanical force of the wind into electric power. Turbine prime mover is the component that controls the movement of the turbine blades so that they come in contact with the liquid that has been pumped by the wind.

Now let us focus our attention on the concept of electromagnetic induction. Electromagnetic induction is nothing but the process by which electrical energy is induced into a non-conductive metallic coil, which results in generation of electrical energy. The electrical energy can be used for various purposes, such as generation of electrical energy for domestic purposes, or transfer to another metallic coil for industrial purposes. Hence, there are many benefits associated with the concept of electromagnetic induction.

Let us take up the first benefit. This is the advantage of electromagnetic induction. When an electrical generator is turned on and is started with the help of a dynamo, it induces mechanical motion into the metallic parts. This motion results in the generation of a magnetic force that is very much similar to that of the electric generator. Hence, due to this reason the mechanical load is eliminated and the power conversion efficiency is increased.

The second benefit is associated with the increased use of renewable energy sources for domestic and industrial purposes. The electric generator produces electromagnetic energy that can be used for domestic purposes, such as cooking, heating, ventilation etc. Also, since the generation of electric energy is not dependent upon the presence of a conductive conductor, the generation of electric energy from non-conductive sources such as solar panels can also be used. Thus, use of electric generators for domestic and industrial purposes will help to save energy consumption costs for many households and businesses.

Finally, when the electrical generator is turned on and starts producing electrical energy to meet the demands of the users, the noise generated from the starting process will attract nearby residents. It is observed that the noise produced by the wind turbine is around 100 decibels. Hence, the proximity of nearby residences to the turbine may cause disturbance for the residents and hence to reduce the disturbance the noise generated from the electric generator can be reduced by use of a noise dissipating system such as wind turbine. Moreover, when one considers the safety issues, use of an Engine-Generator is a safer option than the use of the wind turbine. As the noise coming from the turbine will not disturb nearby people and also will not cause harm to the environment, the use of this system is considered to be a safe option.