Battery Generators For Air Conditioning and Heating

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Battery Generators For Air Conditioning and Heating

A portable battery generator basically is a battery that you carry around in a case so you can actually plug in electrical appliances so they can operate (or at least be fully charged). These days many people are turning to a new form of technology for their home and business needs that can save you both money and energy. Portable generators are one such example of this technology. Many people today are finding that it is both easy and inexpensive to use a generator like this in order to eliminate their electricity bill completely. In many cases these generators can even be recharged as well so when you need them again they are ready to go.

However, in this article I am going to talk about the three main types of portable battery generators. There are three different wattages available in this category so understanding which one is best for you will be a big help to you. Obviously, the highest wattage will be the most powerful so if that’s what you are looking for then you are off to a great start. Just keep in mind that the higher the wattage the harder it will be for the generator to actually start up once you start pulling electricity from it.

The next type of battery generator we are going to discuss are battery charging devices that plug into a car socket for a permanent battery charging system. These are usually in the truck or boat niches, so it will not be as portable. These systems will charge all of your batteries from the battery charging unit, so they are always ready and available.

Finally, and probably the most important feature to us when purchasing portable battery generators is do they have any safety features? If it has any safety features whatsoever then it is not worth taking on your own. One very good feature to look for is an over current warning which will cut off power if any current comes into the unit. A cool feature would be a cut off switch if the unit were to come into contact with anything flammable. As you can tell I am not putting this type of product anywhere near a car socket so it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t have any safety features but these are things to consider.

Now we are off to some of the more popular uses of this type of unit. For your home, or if your RV is going to be used for any outdoor use, this is where having a portable battery generator will come in handy. You can easily charge your laptop, smart phone, or other electronics while you are out camping, working on the lawn, or just lounging around. Some units will even be able to charge multiple devices while they are sitting idle. Most units will be able to provide a full charge for your electronics. As for those times when you are at home, you will have the option between running your laptop on the generator, or using a supplemental source.

For those that love to use their laptops, having one of these battery generators can really come in handy. I have used mine to power my laptop, printer, and a few different wireless devices. All of my laptop computers are now dead silent while I am away from home. My printer is only used when I need to print something out, and it only charges while I am at home. All of my portable solar devices such as the solar umbrella and battery lights have a battery life that will last me several days if I don’t use them constantly. Even though these things are not designed specifically for laptops, they are still very useful for them.

Another use for my GoalZero unit has been powering up several large, heavy industrial fans. It has become really important for many factories and other large businesses to have backup systems for when their air conditioning systems fail. Having a battery generator has allowed these companies to meet this need. The battery generators we have built can power a dozen or two small fans from a single battery, which means these backup systems will last for many more years than would be possible without them. All the backup companies, we have built are starting to run on diesel, because that is the easiest to run.

These are just a few uses for the battery generator we have built. We have had so much fun building them that we want to share them with everyone. If you live in an area that receives heavy downpours or receives high winds, then you know how frustrating it can be to run your regular AC outlet when the winds are at their worst. With our battery generator, however, it will never shut off until the weather conditions are safe for it. It also uses only 12v car sockets, so nobody has to worry about losing power for any reason.