Advantages of a Dual Fuel Generator

A dual fuel generator by the name dual fuel is used to combine both types of fuels, commonly gasoline and natural gas, to prolong the operating time of the generator. Switching between the two types of fuels is usually automatic depending on the fuel chosen and fuel availability at that particular time. The operation is similar to that of a diesel engine but instead of using the combustion process to generate power, it uses the power of water vapor and air to generate electricity. There are also generators that use just the steam from the boiler to generate electricity. These are called hydropower generators.

In order for these generators to operate continuously, there has to be a constant source of water and a steady supply of natural gas. Although most of these generators are not capable of producing more than about twenty thousand volts of electricity, enough to power the whole house, they can still be a very useful source of uninterrupted power supply. Some even produce enough power to run small appliances like computers and cell phones.

It is necessary for users to select the right dual fuel generators for their home or business use. There are various types of generators available, and they come in both permanent and portable models. When selecting a permanent model, it is important for you to take into consideration your specific requirements, such as the number of appliances you want to use it for and the size of the generator. As mentioned earlier, permanent generators are more expensive than portable ones, but it would be a good investment as they will provide you with an uninterrupted power supply all year round.

If you are looking for an economical model that you can use for a short period of time, a portable one would be ideal. Typically, these generators use less than one hundred watts of power output, although they can go up to five hundred watts if required. You can expect your annual consumption to range between twenty and thirty-five hundred watts, which is just enough to run some common household appliances. Since they operate on petrol, you do not need to pay expensive taxes on petrol, and this makes them an excellent investment.

When you compare a permanent and portable one, you will see that the portable one’s efficiency rating is much higher than the permanent one. They also cost much less than the permanent units. The only major disadvantage of using a portable dual fuel generator is that it will not work when there is no fuel in the tank. In such situations, the device will have to run off of stored energy.

A great advantage of dual fuel generators powered by natural gas is that they are far more convenient to use than other options. Natural gas is easily available at stations and it is priced much less expensive than propane gas. Therefore, you can expect to pay a lower monthly bill as compared to other options, including those powered by liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). While LPG is less costly, it is still a little bit expensive to run and you will have to deal with storage issues when you run out of gas.

In addition, a permanent unit powered by natural gas will require an installation of natural gas pipelines in order to supply the fuel to the unit. However, you cannot expect to use this option if you are situated far away from any pipelines, since the distance between your natural gas supply and the power generator may be very long. This means that the installation process can become very expensive. On the other hand, the portable version of this device does not require any pipeline installations. Thus, you will be able to install it closer to your location, and it will be easier to maintain and use.

A final advantage of a dual-fuel generator powered by LPG is that it will have high peak power output. It can supply the required electricity during peak hours and the device will never go flat because of the constant flow of electricity. However, the LPG-powered device will generate louder sounds and will emit green smoke. The clean and odorless smoke emitted by the device is not only unhealthy but can also be dangerous to your eyes. These devices are not recommended for use in areas where there is smoldering fire. The safest place to use them is away from combustible materials.